About Us

We Build and Deliver Beds for people who need them, all over the Columbus area. Bed Brigade Columbus began in Grove City, Ohio with a Church camp experience for teenagers (see History). Today, there are people all over the Columbus area who are sleeping on the floor, on broken air mattresses, on a couch, or sharing a bed with siblings or parents. 

We want to give them each their own personal, safe place to sleep. But, more than wood, more than just a mattress, we want to come alongside families and let them know that God sees them and cares for them, and so do we. You can make a difference by partnering with us. We want to use our talents and resources to follow Jesus, to serve God and our community, and to see God’s Kingdom come in Columbus, Ohio.

Many volunteers who come are amazed at how simple it is to Build a Bed and lift someone off the ground. We have thought this bed -Building process through, and volunteers with a desire to serve can successfully Build a Bed even if they’ve never previously used a cordless drill! 

We Build Beds on the first or second Saturdays of each month. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to Build 40 Beds on a Saturday morning. You can help assemble legs, attach them to side rails, attach hinge plates to side rails, headboards and footboards, help inspect and assemble Beds, and/or decorate footboards. You can sign up by clicking on the “Volunteer” button.

You can also help by Volunteering to help with Bed Delivery. We Deliver Beds on almost all non-holiday Saturdays. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to gather materials, pray, Deliver and Assemble Beds. Besides giving the dignity of a Bed, you will make a lasting impact for Jesus!

If you have a Delivery vehicle, that is super helpful. A mini-van with the middle seats removed and a back seat that folds down is ideal to Deliver 4-5 Beds. Larger SUVs also work very well (Suburban, Expedition, Escalade, Navigator, etc). A pickup with a Cap can carry 4-5 Beds. 

You can also help by donating. We always have a use for Beginner Bibles and pre-reader Bibles. Youth groups, Churches and families have hosted Bedding drives (Twin XL sheet sets), pillow drives, Bibles drives, and blanket-tying parties. Youth groups, athletic teams and home Bible studies have decorated footboards. 

We always appreciate cash donations to help purchase lumber to Build Beds, and to purchase bedding. There are no paid staff at Bed Brigade Columbus. We are all volunteers.  Roughly 95% of all donations go to put someone in to a Bed. Please let us know how you would like to get involved.