Assembly Instructions


  1. Remove Plastic Wrap from Bed Frame Package
  2. Unfold the Hinged Ends of the Frame
  3. Remove pins from the 2 unmatched hinges, leave the assembled pair, as – is
  4. Align, and assemble the 2 corner hinges, insert pins, drive down but not quite flush
  5. Insert 2” x 3” Slats on each END of Frame
  6. Insert 2” x 4” Center Slat, Middle of Frame, Align with Nails and Holes and insert
  7. Insert /Place  Partial Board Flat Boards over Slats… Equally Spaced
  8. Place Mattress - Centered in Frame
  9. Bedding, Pillow, Sheets, and Blanket… Enjoy !!!!!!

Download Assembly Instructions