5/28/2024 1:34:59 AM gfinzer

Advent Lutheran Serves

Advent Lutheran Church brings a team every month to serve on Bed Brigade by delivering to families in need. On Saturday, May 18th, we had great deliveries with other friends serving. Lakita's children were so happy to receive beds that they make believed that they were swimming in their beds. Bed Brigade plants a lot of seeds that we may never see until we get to heaven. Each child gets an age appropriate Bible or Bible story. We also give a gospel tract to each requestor. God decided to show up in a big way. My son Samuel and I had lunch at Bob Evans. Our waitress Maria noticed our Bed Brigade hats. She proceeded to tell us that she received beds from Bed Brigade and because of that, she resumed attending church (The Naz). She is also taking her grandchildren to church. Her granddaughter loves to sing praise and worship songs in the bathroom because of the acoustics. Indeed Bed Brigade is having an eternal impact for the current generation and the next generation. Praise the Lord.